The Headmaster

He was very very very tall. And very very very thin. He looked like a walking coat rack, except for his long pointy white beard, that hung under his pointy nose and gave him an air of elegance and mystery.
He was the school’s headmaster. He knew all his students and their date of birth by heart. As well as their parent’s and grandparent’s ones, who had been his students long before. He managed the town schools with charm. He was keen on plant life, and sometimes he liked to have outdoor classes and explain the benefits of herbs and flowers.
At the end of each day, he locked himself in his office. Nobody knew exactly what he was doing, but he certainly had a lot to do. Still, if anybody had peeked into the keyhole of his office door, they would have surely found out that… after having pulled the curtains so that nobody could see him, he opened his cupboard and took out a hat. It wasn’t just an ordinary hat, like a bowler or a top hat. It was a pointy hat, that really matched with his pointy nose and his pointy beard. Anyway… if anybody had peeked into the keyhole of his office, they would have certainly found out that the Headmaster… was… a wizard! Exactly! A real wizard, complete with a magic wand and a book of spells.
Before wearing his blue hat, he made sure that all the golden stars were in order. He had picked them himself in a moonless night: he had stretched his long arms towards the sky and caught the stars. It sounds impossible, but even though he was so tall, sometimes he had to stretch to the tip of his toes to pick the highest ones.
One might well ask what a wizard was doing as a school’s headmaster. As a matter of fact, he found out he was a wizard when he was rather old, one day when he transformed the teacher of literature into a bookworm just with one sneeze. Luckily, the teacher did not remember anything of what had happened, when he became human again. Since then, the headmaster paid much attention not to get a cold. This is why he cured himself with herbs and plants: he was worried that he could sneeze once and transform the whole school into a zoo. 


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