Stracchina (English version)

Stracchina was a doll. The patch blue-checked body with yellow round hands and foot. The face was instead plastic, it smelled of nice doll perfume. The eyes are blue like the squares of the dress, always smiling. And finally, a funny hair of yellow felted wool, always uncombed and ruffled, impossible to comb such as you have just waken up after a troubled night. It was Clara’s favorite doll. She had had it since she was born and she always carried it with herself. In bed, at school, at the park, on the slide, on the carousel, on the tricycle, in camping, at the sea, in the mountains, at the supermarket inside the cart. It had its own place at the table during meals even in restaurants. Her dad fitted two high-chairs in his bike: one behind for Clara and the other in front for the doll.
The doll was never tired, she was always happy and she always followed its little owner. Everywhere but not under the shower. Clara did not want that it ruined under the water. So, year after year, the blue dress became darker, the foot brown and the hair had beautiful dark meches. For these reasons, one morning, Clara’s mum thought to put the doll in the washing machine. Wool washing obviously, the most delicate without centrifugation. Clara was terrified, she looked at the porthole of the washing machine during all the rides and dips of her doll. When the wash finished she opened the door… the sad surprise: the doll came back to its original beauty but a lock of hair had broken off and it dangled in front of the eyes. The eyes were always smiling so Clara did not worry, she would have find a solution. She put the doll to dry on the radiator and in the meantime she looked for the glue. She knew the liquid white one was fantastic. Her dad used it everywhere. But looking for it in the storage she found the empty jar with the dry bottom. The doll on the radiator did not give up always smiling. During the dinner it sat always next to Clara and a little portion of stracchino was offered to the doll and to its little owner. Clara while she was eating looked at that cheese so tasty: it was soft, more than the other times, almost liquid around. It seemed so much to the glue she needed to paste the hair of her doll. What an idea! Have not you understood yet? Clara tried to use the stracchino to paste the dangling hair of her doll. And it worked! Many years had passed and that lock of hair was perfectly in its position. Since then the doll was called Stracchina!

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