Her name is Sky-blue. She has got sky-blue eyes, she always wears sky-blue dresses, she puts on sky-blue nail-polish, the schoolbag is sky-blue like the pencil case and the diary. Even her napkin holder is sky-blue. All her friends have got sky-blue eyes and her favorite color is… sky-blue. She got lucky because her parents had decided to give her that name when she was still a little angel in heaven. They were looking at the sky when they fell in love with that name. Try to imagine if her name was Sky-blue and her favorite color was pink: what a mess! Her friends-not friends make fun of her because they say that sky-blue is a masculine color. But Sky-blue wears it with elegance and refinement bringing the blue sky even on the grey days. She was just nine years old when her two little sisters were born: White and Violet. The house they lived in became small so they had to move to a bigger one. Sky-blue looked forward to see her new bedroom. She got out her daddy’s car and she quickly crossed the garden, she passed under the worker’s legs who was carrying the sofa, she jumped up the three steps of entrance, she crossed the living room wandering among the boxes, she took the aisle and with a slip she was in front of the door of her new bedroom. She opened it… and almost fainted: pink!!! The walls were pink! In that moment the little girl paled, she become nearly greenish. Because of the disappointment even the nail-polish and the hairpins changed their colors becoming violet. And the blue sky was darkened by an huge grey cloud. At that moment the dad reached her… “ Don’t worry Sky-blue” he said “ tomorrow will come the painter and you will choose with him the color you prefer”. The little girl recovered, her cheeks came back pink (those were not sky-blue!), the nail-polish and the hairpins came back sky-blue and also the sky.


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