Martina and her Martian Antennas

Martina often plays with her elder brother Yuri and they pretend to be two of the Star Wars characters: he’s a brave astronaut and she is a dreaded Martian. When they stop playing, he plants himself in front of the Playstation, while she continues to be a Martian. Martina thinks she comes from Mars!
“If you were an alien” her brother mocks her “you would be green!”. But she does not mind him because she really has two Martian antennas, hidden behind the ears, camouflaged among the strands of her long red hair, as red as Mars, the red planet.
It is a warm afternoon in September, and Martina’s mum is preparing a bag with the bib and the towel for her first day at school. “Tomorrow is going to be a big day Martina: you are going to the kindergarten!”
Martina listens to her mum, and in the meantime she rubs behind her ears: the antennas are up and running. “You’ll be fine, you don’t have to be afraid!” continues her mother.
BEEP BEEP BEEP… While her mum is speaking, Martina picks up something, something is going wrong. And that something gets stronger and stronger. The alert level has become so high, that she has to activate the warning sign: she presses that button that nobody knows where exactly is, maybe it is hidden below her navel, and immediately some huge tears begin to fall from her eyes.
Mum then holds her in a warm hug.
The big day arrives, the first day of school: once stepped through the gate of the kindergarten Martina’s mum tries to reassure her little girl: “Don’t panic sweetheart, you’ll see, everything is going to be fine.”
Martina’s antennas once again start to signal that there is an imminent danger: the little girl then operates the alarm button and begins to weep in despair. She enters the school in tears, peering at any possible dangers. Actually she could not see any, yet there must be some. Her mum stays with her for a long time, she does not want to drop her hand and leave her alone; but then she leaves. And suddenly Martina’s antennas stop recording the warning signal. Martina can breathe a sigh of relief; she dries her tears with the sleeve of her blouse and goes to play with the rest of the children.
The following days, it’s always the same story: Martina’s mum encourages the little girl while crossing the gate of the school; Martina’s antennas pick up the usual signal of fear and sadness, she then presses the button and starts to cry … Her mom becomes even more worried, but once she goes to work, Martina interrupts the alarm signal and reaches her new friends to play with them.

The first school week is over. On Sunday the whole family goes to visit Martina’s grandparents who are looking forward to seeing their granddaughter since they have a nice surprise for her: a green hairband with two soft antennas. They are fabulous. At the ends of the antennas there are two small bells that produce a nice sound. “These antennas come from Mars! With these on your head, you will become a very brave Martian! ” Martina’s grandma told her.
Martina immediately wears them: she likes the antennas so much that she doesn’t want to take them off, even at night when she goes to sleep. Finally someone believes her: she comes from Mars, she is a real Martian!
The next morning, when Martina and her mother cross the school gate, the young girl takes her hairband off her head, she pulls her mum by the shirt making her squatting down, and puts the hairband on her mum’s head. “These antennas are for you mum! Try them on! ”
Her mother, who doesn’t want to make her baby cry yet, although a little ashamed, keeps the hairband with the antennas on her head. Once she enters the school hall with antennas vibrating on her head, a general euphoria breaks. Martina and her friends laugh and all come around that weirdo Martian. Even Martina’s mother bursts out laughing. “You know mum,” exclaims Martina hugging her “your antennas behind the ears must be broken. They pick up dangers which do not exist. With these new ones, instead, it is much better. You are so brave that you realized that going to the kindergarten it is fun! “
Martina’s mother, more calm and reassured greets her loved child and goes to work. Those antennas really work … she could feel more self-confident. Even her boss noticed the change. “Congratulations for your courage, “he says, “Ehm … for your antennas!”


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