Martin and the four-leaf clovers

Martin spends every afternoon with his grandpas. He plays with his cousins David and Nicholas and he has a lot of fun with them even if, being the youngest one, he always ends up being the looser.

When they play football he cannot save the penalties, when they play hyde-and-seek his cousins immediately find him, and on top of that when they act the superheroes he always has to play the role of the clumsy helper and he always gets the smaller slice of cake at snack times. But Martin is a good-nature, he has great imagination and he is always happy. And overall he adores his cousins. He wants to grow up and be strong and brave like them.

Once Nicholas, while he was looking for a red marble which had fallen on the garden, shouted  “Eih, look! I am lucky! I ‘ve found a four-leaf clover!”.

The three of them then started looking for the four-leaf clovers. Luckily enough their grandfather had not cut the lawn yet, so the leaves and the long green blades of grass were well visible. David and Nicholas found some more lucky clovers. Martin tried and tried, he crouched down, made his eyes pretty keen and started counting the number of the leaves:  “1, 2, 3 clover… Let’s see this one: 1, 2, 3 still clover…”. He opened his eyes wider and then he half-closed them to focus, he wrinlkled his forehead and put his hands in a telescope shape in front of his eyes to check every centimeters of the grass. He looked where his cousins found the four-leaf clovers (maybe there were still some more left), he looked for them far from the same spot (maybe his cousins picked up all them in that small area)…but no luck .. he could count only till three leaves. All that he could find were some poor shamrocks. He miserably went back home without any four-leaf clovers. He jumped over the couch and thought that he wanted to be as lucky as his cousins. He daydreamed to find the lucky four-leaf clovers: one was near the plum tree, another behind the rocking chair where the grass was higher, and one just in front of the main house door.

Martin loves daydreaming, and when he enjoys his dreams, he just keeps dreaming on them many times.

He suddenly felt happier and fancied going out and play again, but before that he asked for some cookies to his grandmother. Three cookies were not enough… he wanted a handful of them. With his full hands he ran out to the garden…but just outside the door a cookie fell down on the grass. He bended his knees to pick it up and… “Eih look… a four-leaf clover, just in front of the main door! I am really lucky!” he thought! He put the cookie in his mouth and went to sit on the rocking chair. While he was chewing he could see another four-leaf clover! He brought them straight to his grandma: he did not want to loose them somewhere in the garden while playing…

He was standing in the kitchen with his grandma when he looked out of the windows and could see a red spot in the grass just under the plum tree. He run to check: yes, it was Nicholas’ red marble and a small four-leaf clover was just protecting it.

Yes… now Martin realised he was very lucky!

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