Juliana and the snowman

Juliana lived in Graciosa, a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
It was December and, as all the children in the world are used to do, she wrote a letter to Santa, or better, to Pai Natal, as they used to call Santa in Juliana’s country.
This time, though, Juliana put a strain on that nice white-bearded old man. All she wanted for Christmas was a snowman. A real one, made with real snow! The fact is that where she lives the climate is very mild and even in wintertime it is warm and it never snows. Even the ice-creams must be eaten quickly because they melt fast. This is why in Graciosa, they have never seen any snowmen.
“It’s impossible to get a real Snowman from Santa” everyone told her. “We can’t keep it here, it would get a puddle in a few minutes!” her friends made fun of her. But Juliana was determined; a snowman was just made of crystalized water after all. Nothing too rare or expensive. And she really trusted Pai Natal.
This was the reason why Pai Natal did not want to disappoint her.
On Christmas Day, under the Christmas tree in the garden (which was not a fir tree, but a rare maritime pine tree) Juliana found a big wrapped box; it was as tall as she was and there was a big sign on it saying: FRAGILE.
She gently unwrapped the package and under the red-and-silver-hearted-pattern wrapping paper, she found a brown carton box.
She asked her dad for help and immediately a disappointing expression perched on her lips. It was a freezer. “I think Pai Natal made a mistake. I did not ask for a freezer… what am I supposed to do with a freezer?”.
“Maybe there are some mint ice lollies inside” Juliana’s brother suggested opening the freezer.
What a wonderful surprise… when the door of the freezer was open they found out that no ice lollies, nor ice creams where there…but a true Snowman was standing in the freezer with a scarf and a woollen hat, with two buttons as eyes, a carrot as nose and two wooden sticks as arms.
Juliana was in seventh heaven. But it wasn’t all. The Snowman could get out of the freezer and be shifted in the garden where they could play with it thanks to the refrigerating platform he was standing on, which could keep it outdoor still cool and frozen for at least half an hour.
The Snowman became Juliana and her friends’ favourite toy to play with. All the children living in the small island wanted to play with it. They could take turns up to thirty minutes a day, after school, they kept the snowman under the maritime pine tree to be able to keep it cooler before closing it back into the freezer.
Juliana named her new icy friend “Tudo é Possível”, and every time she was thinking about him, she was aware that “Everything is possible”, if you truly believe it!

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