Grandma Tina’ Garden

Grandma Tina was a nice granny. She watched the world from her kitchen’s window, through her old pair of round glasses. The piece of world she saw was small but diverse and lively. There was a small café on the other side of the road, a newsagent’s at the corner and an appliance shop opposite it. She watched out while she knitted. Knitting had always been her greatest passion. And that small bit of world she saw from her window was an inspiration for her creations: a coffee-coloured coat for the nice girl at the café, who got her a warm croissant every morning; a pink scarf, the same colour as the sign above the newsagent’s, for the newsagent’s wife who delivered the newspaper every day; an electric blue jumper for that good young man from the appliance shop who came to check her old TV when it wouldn’t work.
At the end of the street, behind the tram stop, was a flower shop. That was her favourite one. Grandma Tina had always lived in that small flat in the city, her kitchen’s window overlooking the street, but she had always dreamt a garden full of flowers; so that shop kind of became her garden. Every day there was a new flower in the shop window, every day a new colour: red roses? There she knitted a red shawl for herself. Yellow gerbera? She immediately prepared a wrap top for her favourite flower: her granddaughter Margherita.
Margherita really loved her grandma. She visited her every day and had lunch with her after school. They kept each other company until her mother came back from work to take her home. “Nan”, Margherita used to ask, “how about going to the flower shop?” “Darling, you know my legs won’t work anymore. I’d rather stay here.” “Then I’ll go and take a bunch of flowers for you”” “You don’t need to, darling, I can dream my beautiful blooming garden: flowers never wither in my dream garden”.
One weekend, Margherita went to an outing with her Scout group. You always learn a lot of things with them, and during that weekend they learnt how to weave with a small handmade wooden loom. While she was weaving the scrap woollen yarn grandma gave her, Margherita had an idea. A bright idea! She picked up as many sticks she could find, the forked ones, that you use to make slingbows, and even three-way sticks, that are more difficult to find. She braided and wove the wool onto the sticks and she turned them into many gorgeous, colourful flowers.
She made a lot of them in the following days, and when she had enough, she prepared a big surprise: one afternoon, while grandma was sleeping on the sofa, with her glasses at the bottom of her nose and her knitting needles in her hands, Margherita put her flowers in the vases and in some old glasses she found in the cupboard, and put them all around the kitchen. Just imagine grandma Tina’s astonishment when she woke up. She was so happy she nearly jumped out of the window. And this is how grandma Tina finally had her blooming garden, with flowers that never wither.


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