Clothy, the little Sprite

His name is Milo, but everybody calls him Clothy since he is always wondering round with his small bed sheet.
Someone says that his cloth keeps him company when he feels homesick: it must smell like his mum.
Someone else, instead, believes he likes dressing up as a ghost.
But…actually the little sprite always takes his cloth with him because he uses it to do lots of things.
He wakes up early in the morning, crosses the beech forest and then spreads his sheet on the grass. He lays down and waits till his cloth has absorbed all the drops of the morning dew.
When the sun light touches the tip of the big beech, Milo stands up and goes back home. He hangs his cloth on the strings pulled tight between the two pine trees using two big clothes pegs.
While Milo has his breakfast, his cloth picks the sun rays. And if a light breeze makes all the leaves flutter around, Milo let his cloth gather the wind rustle.
Sometimes, at dusk, the sprite climbs up the big oak tree to get the stories of the old owl.
And when the night comes, Milo gently waves his cloth under the black sky dotted with gold and picks up the stars light.
You must be wondering what Milo is going to do with all the things he has gathered.
Well…. try it yourselves, with a small bed sheet and at night time, wrap yourselves up in the cloth before going to sleep: your night will be the sweetest ever and your dreams will be astonishing.


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