Claudio’s toys

My classmate Claudio is a very lucky boy.  His dad works in a big shopping centre and every week he brings him home a fabulous gift!

Even his mum works in the same shopping centre and she also brings him fantastic gifts every week.

Last Monday Claudio told us that his dad gave him a Pirate ship: his mum also sewed him a new flag  with a skull because the old one had been lost in an hard fight. That’s great!  Another time he told us that his mum gave him a doghouse. Claudio doesn’t have a real dog because he’s allergic, but he has a stuffed one; I’ve never heard that exist houses for stuffed animals. Some weeks ago instead his dad gave him the whole kit to build a spaceship! Complete with colored buttons and a helmet to go into space. They built it together, he and his dad! Wow! How cool! His mum instead, to celebrate the promotion, gave him a garage-gas station-car wash all at once for his car. He must have lots of!  According to my mum, Claudio tells a lot of lies: “ A gift every week? Either he’s a spoilt boy or he tells lots of lies!”. But he doesn’t seem to me a spoilt boy… and he seems so sincere when he tells us about his toys! So yesterday I wanted to test him. He told us that his dad gave him a real race car! All white, but since Claudio didn’t like it, they repainted  the whole car red, a Ferrari red. I couldn’t believe my ears, and underneath I was a little envious. So I asked him to take it to school.  Also the other mates were curious to see his Ferrari.  And today Claudio took it to school. He was late because it rained and he was afraid his car would be damaged so he had covered it up with a cloth. But when he removed the cloth, a big laugh broke out in the class! “ But that’s a box” I said a bit surprised, disappointed and angry! My mum was right, Claudio was a great liar!  “What do you say?” Claudio answered me, “Come up with me and try it!”. I was angry, but the teacher encouraged me to come up… and incredible! That red box was really a car. Claudio took me everywhere: first we took part in a rally, I was the driver; then we got first to the Mugello track and we sang all together the national anthem. In the end we went on a safari in Africa and we saw also elephants! Wow! What a fun!  I liked it so much that Claudio wanted to gift me his red car. Claudio is a very kind and lucky boy!

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