I have always told this story making it look like I invented it. And yet, it is really true! But don’t tell anyone: it is a secret! Or else, they’d take me for a fool. I love to stroll along a country road shaded by an Elder and Hazel thick hedge, not too far from home. Maybe not everybody knows that Elder and Hazel trees, expecially the latter, are magic[…]

His name is Pipi. He’s a pigeon. One morning he was blissfully and cheerfully crossing the road on the zebra crossing in front of the church, when he got chased by a… blonde child? No! By a child with a green jacket? No! By their mum! And there’s nothing to laugh about, as Pipi had an injured wing. And that was why he got caught. And he ended up with[…]

Luca has had short hairs with a small pigtail since he was 5. He always wore jeans and a checked shirt, with some chocolate and ragù spots scattered here and there. He never stood still, never! He beat everywhere. With his hands on the table, on the railing, on the guardrail, on the stones, on the door and on the candy box. He beat with his fist, with his fingers[…]

Stracchina was a doll. The patch blue-checked body with yellow round hands and foot. The face was instead plastic, it smelled of nice doll perfume. The eyes are blue like the squares of the dress, always smiling. And finally, a funny hair of yellow felted wool, always uncombed and ruffled, impossible to comb such as you have just waken up after a troubled night. It was Clara’s favorite doll. She[…]

Juliana lived in Graciosa, a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It was December and, as all the children in the world are used to do, she wrote a letter to Santa, or better, to Pai Natal, as they used to call Santa in Juliana’s country. This time, though, Juliana put a strain on that nice white-bearded old man. All she wanted for Christmas was a snowman.[…]

My classmate Claudio is a very lucky boy.  His dad works in a big shopping centre and every week he brings him home a fabulous gift! Even his mum works in the same shopping centre and she also brings him fantastic gifts every week. Last Monday Claudio told us that his dad gave him a Pirate ship: his mum also sewed him a new flag  with a skull because the[…]

Martina often plays with her elder brother Yuri and they pretend to be two of the Star Wars characters: he’s a brave astronaut and she is a dreaded Martian. When they stop playing, he plants himself in front of the Playstation, while she continues to be a Martian. Martina thinks she comes from Mars! “If you were an alien” her brother mocks her “you would be green!”. But she does[…]

He was very very very tall. And very very very thin. He looked like a walking coat rack, except for his long pointy white beard, that hung under his pointy nose and gave him an air of elegance and mystery. He was the school’s headmaster. He knew all his students and their date of birth by heart. As well as their parent’s and grandparent’s ones, who had been his students[…]

Martin spends every afternoon with his grandpas. He plays with his cousins David and Nicholas and he has a lot of fun with them even if, being the youngest one, he always ends up being the looser. When they play football he cannot save the penalties, when they play hyde-and-seek his cousins immediately find him, and on top of that when they act the superheroes he always has to play[…]

Peter was nice. Not so tall, erect, proportioned and with a tick foliage. Grandpa Gianni was so proud of him. He planted him in his field that fall when he finally retired. Oh no, Peter wasn’t his nephew! Peter was a pear-tree. Grandpa Gianni had just become a green thumb. He planted a cherry-tree to make his nephew happy, a peach-tree for grandma, an apricot that would keep the peach-tree[…]

The story I am going to tell, is a true one. It all happened a long time ago, or maybe yesterday…who knows… but listen carefully my dear friends because this story might talk about you. A small tear, salty like the seawater, slipped down its face, crossed the sand layer, went through the soil, the stones, the rocks and down till the heart of the Earth. Once there, it fell[…]

Her name is Sky-blue. She has got sky-blue eyes, she always wears sky-blue dresses, she puts on sky-blue nail-polish, the schoolbag is sky-blue like the pencil case and the diary. Even her napkin holder is sky-blue. All her friends have got sky-blue eyes and her favorite color is… sky-blue. She got lucky because her parents had decided to give her that name when she was still a little angel in[…]

That winter a ladybird used to come and visit us every night. Every time we were going to sit  to have dinner,  it turned up out of the blue. Maybe it came in when dad was shutting the blinds or maybe it lived in the chandelier in our kitchen. It walked here and there on the set table. Sometimes it followed the grooves of the blue plaid tablecloth. It climbed[…]

il guardiano della spiaggia

Erminio lives in a faraway beach, not a very far away beach I would say, it’s only half an hour drive from here… it’s just there, where the river waters merge with the sea waters. Erminio is one of the most beautiful and majestic swan I have ever seen. He walks on the beach, accepts the bread and cookies the tourists give him, and the sticklebacks which sometimes the old[…]

His name is Milo, but everybody calls him Clothy since he is always wondering round with his small bed sheet.Someone says that his cloth keeps him company when he feels homesick: it must smell like his mum.Someone else, instead, believes he likes dressing up as a ghost.But…actually the little sprite always takes his cloth with him because he uses it to do lots of things.He wakes up early in the[…]

Grandma Tina was a nice granny. She watched the world from her kitchen’s window, through her old pair of round glasses. The piece of world she saw was small but diverse and lively. There was a small café on the other side of the road, a newsagent’s at the corner and an appliance shop opposite it. She watched out while she knitted. Knitting had always been her greatest passion. And[…]