A salty tear

The story I am going to tell, is a true one. It all happened a long time ago, or maybe yesterday…who knows… but listen carefully my dear friends because this story might talk about you.
A small tear, salty like the seawater, slipped down its face, crossed the sand layer, went through the soil, the stones, the rocks and down till the heart of the Earth. Once there, it fell on Mama’s hand. Mama is an old woman, an old mother who gave birth to all the things. All the things existing on this planet come from Mama. She lives in the heart of the Earth, she stirs her big pot in which some magic liquid is always boiling and bubbling. Marvellous and amazing things originate from those bubbles: the lava of the volcanoes, the rainbows, the wings of the butterflies, the clouds in the sky, the golden sandy beaches, the green forests, and the scented roses.
That tear, I was saying, it fell onto Mama’s hand. Mama observed it and thought “Oh no, it happened again!”. In that salty tear she could see something horrible: it was the last tear shed by a whale. As if the tear was a crystal ball, Mama could see in it the whole life of the whale and, the sad death she went through. The whale stranded on a beach, where she puffed her last puff. But she didn’t snort any crystal clear water… a heavy rain of plastic bags and bottles came out instead. “ Poor whale” mama thought, “she must have suffered a lot! She believed they were fishes, but they were not: it was rubbish, lots of plastic containers abandoned in the sea”. Mama put the tear in a flask and angrily hit the rocky floor with her foot: the earth shook and a violent seaquake swept away a whole island in the middle of the ocean. Sun, who was lighting and nurturing all Mama’s creatures, peeped from the old volcano, and came to the place where he and Mama used to meet to chat. “What’s going on my dear friend? Why are you so angry?”. Mama told him about the whale- it was not the first time that all that happened. “How can the human inhabitants of this Earth do not understand that with all their plastic they will make the planet choke? They will make me die too!” she said. Sun asked Wind to investigate. He could blow everywhere; sneaking into the houses, among the leaves of the trees, within the draughts of the doors… he could know everything. Wind travelled all around the world. Once back, he told Mama and Sun what he had seen: “There are many good people living on the Earth. There are engineers who invented a machine which transforms the plastic bottles into pullovers and blankets, others who studied how to use the aluminium of the cans to build bicycles and shutters; others who invented a stove which burns the rubbish and heats the houses; there are people who recycle old drawings, used carton boxes and paper cuttings to remake some new paper instead of cutting the trees in the forests; and others who built tools to change old glass bottles into new ones, and then weird bins transforming food waste into nutritious soil for veggie gardens”.
‘I don’t understand” Mama said, “If this is all you could see, why are the whales dyeing eating huge amount of plastic stuff left in the sea?”. “Oh, I wish it was only the plastic in the sea”, Sun added, “they are cutting down all the forests to make paper and bury tons of waste.”. “Oh I see… now I understand what is that disgusting stench I can smell sometimes!” Mama exclaimed.
“The fact is that all the things done by all the clever people you saw, my dear Wind, are useless if all the other people do not give any help. If they put all the waste together, paper, plastic, glass, food waste, all those beautiful machines and tools invented by those clever engineers are absolutely useless!’, Sun said.

“I will tell you what the problem is,” Wind explained: “the Humans are tired and lazy. They do not want to work hard, and they do not love all the beauties that Mother Nature generously gave them”.
Mama got so angry and she puffed so heavily that a black smoky cloud came out of the volcano, and it suddenly became a hurricane: it was Wind’s favourite game, he immediately pushed the hurricane towards the beaches nearby, and made fly all the beach umbrellas and sun beds up in the sky.
“Stop playing Wind! This is something serious!’ Sun scolded him. “We need to find a solution”.
“Well, maybe it’s time to use magic!” said Mama. Wind got immediately what Mama wanted to say : with no need to listen to her twice, he flew over the whole planet and sneaked into all the forests, all the gardens, among the waterfalls and the rapids to wake up all the Nature’s Fairies.
Fairies had been teaching how to love nature and to respect all the things to the human beings since the Earth was born. They recently had been resting, but it seemed that it was time to be back to work again. They had to teach the good manners to the humans. They worked hard: flower scents were more intense, the waters gurgled as never before, all the birds sang beautiful melodies… all the fairies worked with their magic and with the star dust to teach and show how to respect and love Mother Earth. Nevertheless, all their efforts seemed useless. Humans did not even see the fairies, yet they stood in front of them, singing, dancing, scattering their golden powder all around… but nothing happened… they were invisible to Humans.
“I know what the problem is”, said Wind, “Humans beings do not believe in magic anymore! This is why they cannot see the fairies! Nor they listen to the birds singing, nor do they smell the flowers. Can you believe that they do not even realise when I tickle them blowing their hair and they always complain when I want to play with them making fly the dried leaves all around?!”
Mama became even sadder. She did not know what else she could do. Sun then decided to enquire the stars. One could read the secrets of the Universe and sometimes divine the future gazing at the stars. They have always led the way, before the humans invented the compass and then forgot about them. Keller was the tiniest and wisest star in the whole galaxy. During its long life, it had been seeing many things and knew the answers to all the questions.
“Children!” sentenced Keller. “Children!”. “Children?”, asked Sun. “Yes, they are the masters. They have not lost the magic. They still believe in it. They are clear as the stream waters, clever as the wind, colourful like the rainbow, smelling like the calicantus flower in winter time. We will send children to the humans. They will teach the adults the love for the beautiful things, the respect for the nature and the magic. And using their imagination, they will be able to use wonderful things recycling old stuff.” Keller explained.
Sun thought this idea was brilliant. He asked Mama to give him the tear of the whale. Mama opened the glass flask, the Sun’s heat made the tear evaporate, and flying up in the sky and its rays built a huge rainbow wrapping the whole Earth. Wind blew as stronger as he could and all the tiny drops of the whale’s tear were spread on the whole planet. They touched down on every newborn. They called them “the rainbow children”. There are plenty of them, even now in this very moment. They have a great gift and bear a big responsibility: they have to protect Mama and all her creatures.
Let me have a look on you? Can you please show me your eyes? Uhmmmm…. Maybe you are some of the rainbow’s children? How will you be able to understand if you are one of them?
Do you love your mum and love picking up some flowers for her?
Do you like listening to the birds singing in the gardens or looking at the squirrels climbing the trees?
Do you enjoy chasing the pigeons?
Do you play with the dried leaves trampling on them and crinkling them?
Do you like playing with the sand and the waves?
Do you ever play with the ground and the mud in your garden?
Do you make fun when you build some airplanes or ships with paper?
Do you use carton pipes to build your telescopes, swords or magic wands?
Do you get excited looking at a rainbow?
And overall… when you cry, do your tears taste like the sea water?

If your answer is yes to at least three of the previous questions, then you are one of the rainbow’s children! Mama, wind and Sun count on you!


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